Water Softeners and Soft Water Systems  

The two major elements that cause water to be hard are calcium and magnesium. Both calcium and magnesium are commonly found at high levels in the Arlington and surrounding area. If left untreated, these hardness elements can take their toll on your plumbing system and cause major issues with fixtures. 

If your home has hard water or hard water staining going on, the best way to handle this is to have a water softener installed by Dapper Plumbing. Dapper Plumbing provides water softeners and water softener installation to the entire area and have immense experience treating unique water in our market.   


Benefits of soft water: 

  • Easier cleaning
  • Use less soap and detergent 
  • Softer skin 
  • Softer hair
  • Clearer glassware 
  • Easier on plumbing system and appliance

    To find out if a soft water system is the right choice for you and your household, have Dapper Plumbing out today for a water analysis. 360-588-2227