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Drinking-Water Solutions

Our health has never been more at the forefront of importance. Our bodies need water to survive. It only makes sense, the cleaner and healthier that water is that we put in our body, the better it is for our body. Depending on your water quality and what you’re looking to achieve with your drinking water, Dapper will offer you a simple, cost-effective way to get bottled water quality water right at your tap. Call today.

City water is laced with chemicals to kill or prevent bacteria and microbes while that water is on its way to your home. Although these chemicals are required and help provide safe water, many clients of Dapper Plumbing prefer not to drink and bathe in them because of the negative health effects associated with the chemicals used.

For a list of the chemicals used in your city water, contact your water utility company and ask for a water quality report. These water quality reports are typically published online as well. Here is an example: Seattle Water Quality Report

Saltless water softeners are a play on words because it’s impossible to “soften” water without salt. Traditional water softeners work using ion-exchange, exchanging salt for calcium and magnesium. While a “saltless” water softener may contain some filtering properties, they do not remove calcium and magnesium from the water. Therefore, fixtures, toilets and dishes still get plugged with the minerals. So, if you’re looking to prevent the build-up of “hardness” in your plumbing system, we recommend you install a real water softener.

The useful life of a water softener is largely dependent on what is in your water and how much water your home uses. We find the average life to be 10-15 years in the Stanwood area.

Most bottled water is simply city tap water treated by RO or reverse osmosis and then bottled! Dapper Plumbing can install a cost-effective and environmentally friendly RO system right at your kitchen sink!


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